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15% Off Father’s Day Sale! Also, Clearance 25% Off All Bettas In Stock!
15% Off Father’s Day Sale! Also, Clearance 25% Off All Bettas In Stock!

Silver Tip Tetra

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Silver Tip Tetra for sale Online

Silver Tip Tetra for sale Hawaii

Silver Tip Tetra for sale near me

Introducing Your New Freshwater Fish to Their Home Aquarium: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Drip Acclimation Method by MastahBetta

Step 1: Float Bag in New Tank with all lights off for 20-30 minutes
Step 2: Pour fish bag contents into a bucket/container (be sure they can’t jump out!)
Step 3: Remove water until it is about na inch about the fishes height (finkah action like cooking rice!)
Step 4: Insert an airstone
Step 5: Insert end of an airline into the new tank, then suck on the other end to create a siphon
Step 6: After Siphone Starts tie the end with a knot tight enough for it to drip one drip per second
Step 7: Let it drip for 1.5 - 2 hours! Then net them into their new home!
Step 8: Keep Lights off for at least 24 hours, and do not feed for 2 days to allow the beneficial bacteria time to catch up to the newly added bio-load it will have to go up against!

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Live Fish Guarantee

Coverage - This insurance policy provides coverage for live fish purchased from MastahBetta Fish Shop. The coverage includes death of the insured fish during the policy period.

Eligibility - To be eligible for coverage, the following conditions must be met :

  1. Proof of purchase from MastahBetta Fish Shop must be shown
  2. The fish must be healthy at the time of purchase.
  3. The fish must be properly acclimated and cared for according to the guidelines provided by MastahBetta Fish Shop.

Policy Period - The policy period will be 7 days from the date of purchase. The coverage starts from the moment the fish leaves the store.

Coverage Limit - The coverage limit per fish will be the purchase price paid by the customer.

Coverage Exclusions - The following conditions are excluded from coverage:

  1. Negligence or improper care by the customer, including failure to acclimate the fish properly, provide appropriate water conditions, or follow recommended feeding guidelines.
  2. Intentional harm caused by the customer or any third party.
  3. Losses due to natural disasters, power outages, equipment failures, or any other events beyond the control of MastahBetta Fish Shop.

Reporting a Claim - In the event of fish death during the policy period, the customer must notify MastahBetta Fish Shop within 24 hours of the incident. The customer should provide details of the incident, including photographs or videos if possible.

Claim Evaluation - Upon receiving a claim, MastahBetta Fish Shop will evaluate the circumstances and determine if the claim is valid under the policy terms and conditions. MastahBetta Fish Shop reserves the right to request additional information or documentation to process the claim.

Claim Settlement - If the claim is approved, MastahBetta Fish Shop will provide compensation to the customer in the form of a refund, credit, or replacement fish, depending on the customer's preference and the availability of the same species. The compensation amount will be equal to the purchase price paid by the customer.

Policy Termination - This insurance policy will terminate automatically upon the expiration of the policy period or if the customer violates any of the eligibility conditions stated.

Policy Updates - MastahBetta Fish Shop reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this insurance policy at any time. The customer will be notified in writing of any changes made to the policy.

Dispute Resolution - Any disputes arising from this insurance policy shall be resolved through negotiation and mutual agreement between the customer and MastahBetta Fish Shop. In case of failure to reach a resolution, the matter may be escalated to mediation or arbitration, as determined by both parties.

Please note that this insurance policy is designed to protect the interests of both the customer and MastahBetta Fish Shop. It aims to provide a fair and transparent process for handling fish-related issues.

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About the Silver Tip Tetra

Name: Silver Tip Tetra

Max Size: Up to 2 inches (5 cm)

Recommend pH: 6.0-7.5

Recommended Temperature (°F): 72-79°F (22-26°C)

Diet: Silver Tip Tetras are omnivorous and will readily accept a variety of foods. They have a small mouth, so it is best to provide them with small-sized foods such as high-quality flakes, micro pellets, and frozen or live daphnia, brine shrimp, or bloodworms. Including some vegetable matter in their diet, such as spirulina-based flakes or blanched spinach, can be beneficial.

Temperament: Silver Tip Tetras are generally peaceful and make great additions to community aquariums. They are social fish and should be kept in groups of at least 6 individuals to promote natural behavior and reduce stress. They are compatible with other peaceful fish species that share similar water parameters.

Schooling or Non-Schooling Fish: Silver Tip Tetras are schooling fish. They thrive when kept in groups and feel more secure and less stressed in the presence of their own kind. A group of Silver Tip Tetras swimming together creates a captivating display of shimmering silver bodies and coordinated movements.

Possible types of tank mates: Silver Tip Tetras are compatible with other small, peaceful fish species that prefer similar water conditions. Good tank mates include other tetras, rasboras, peaceful livebearers, and small catfish species. Avoid keeping them with larger or aggressive fish that may intimidate or harass them.

Behavior: Silver Tip Tetras are known for their striking appearance, with silver bodies and a distinct black triangular mark at the base of their tail fin. They are active and agile swimmers, constantly exploring the aquarium and displaying schooling behavior. In a well-planted tank, they may exhibit playful interactions with each other, darting in synchronized movements. They are generally peaceful and create a lively and vibrant atmosphere in the aquarium.

Fun Fact: Silver Tip Tetras are native to the Amazon River basin in South America, where they inhabit slow-moving or stagnant waters, including flooded forests and blackwater streams. They have adapted to thrive in these environments, often encountering low light conditions and tannin-stained water. Their silver coloration and unique black tail marking serve as camouflage in their natural habitats, allowing them to blend in with the surroundings and avoid predation.

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Google Reviews

Perhaps the best store on island to get freshwater fish. They have a huge variety, including higher end freshwater fish (discus, puffers, flowerhorns , oddballs, ect) I’ve stocked a few tanks with their fish. They quarantine well and keep it real on how their fish are doing in shop.

Mr. Ali

Had a great experience here. I was looking for a unicorn/alicorn betta and spoke with the owner, Josh, about it. I ended up using his fish importing services to import a fish from Jakarta, and he brought in a few more white opaque or unicorn type half moon bettas too, to add to the variety in store. I got a sneak peak of the store while it was shut down for one week for a proper quarantine of its new fish. The owner knows his fish and keeps them healthy. A very different experience from a Petco or PetSmart! A Petco employee even recommended I go here for more unique betta fish. Note that they carry other types of fish too, plus Aquatic plants and some aquarium equipment. Pictured are some of the giant bettas, the alicorn betta, and i believe a beautiful ram.

Fawn B.

Wonderful shop with lots of variety. Has the most unique selection of fish on the island, and at a reasonable price! Staff is friendly and very helpful when we have questions or concerns. Love coming here and seeing the jokes around the store. Also, Vinnie!

Ian H.

The owner, Josh, is not just knowledgeable about the fish, but also plants and tank issues. I am new to fish tanks and he has been extremely helpful in answering my questions and offering suggestions to make my experience easier. Parking is a bit tricky, but certainly worth it.

Mark M.

They have rare plants you can't find at most places. Got lucky we got a few; my husband is happy. This is one of his favorite places. They get pretty busy, so be patient. The staff are very helpful.

Mr. Chin

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